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Our Mission

Vivid Skates was founded in Portland, Oregon with a passion for creating beautiful, durable skates that are accessible and affordable for skaters at all levels. The skating community is growing by the day, and we love to see our skaters finding joy and self-expression on 8 wheels! 

In the spirit of community, we’re also giving back and offsetting our climate impact by donating 1% of proceeds to climate change advocacy organizations.


We’re currently supporting Climate Emergency Fund with our monthly donations, whose mission is “to focus funding on radical action as opposed to incremental change”, and we’re all about the energy and immediacy behind their movement.

From Climate Emergency Fund:

“We fund the most impactful climate activists working to disrupt the status quo, inspire others to do the same and force policy-makers to take action. Our role in winning the future is to turbocharge activism, to put pressure on government leaders, divest from fossil fuel financing, and diversify the movement by engaging new voices.”

Tell us what you think! Do you know an organization you’d love to see us support? Let us know on our Contact Page